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Castor Wheel Supplier AdelaideAt the beginning of the 20th century, cast wheels with a vulcanised rubber coating were manufactured for the first time. The mass production of cast wheels of small diameter made it possible to install them on transport containers which previously had to be laboriously carried or dragged. And so the first castors with relatively small wheels were introduced.

Our Castors:

We offer a the largest selection of castors in South Australia.

  • Plate Castors
    • Twin Wheel Castor Series
    • Institutional Castor Series
    • Light Industrial Castor Series
    • Medium Industrial Castor Series
    • Medium/Heavy Castor Industrial
    • Heavy Industrial Waste Bin Castors
    • Heavy Industrial Castors
  • Bolt Hole Castors
    • Dual Wheel Castor Series
    • Institutional Castor Series
    • Light Industrial Castor Series
    • Blue Elastic Rubber Castors
  • Stainless Steel Castors
    • Stainless Steel Plate Castors
    • Stainless Steel Bolt Hole Castors
    • Stainless Steel Medium/Heavy Industrial Castors
  • Furniture Castors
    • Twin Wheel Plate Mounted Castors
    • Twin Wheel Stem Mounted Castors
  • Pneumatic Castors
    • Pneumatic Plate Castors 
    • Swivel & Fixed Castors
    • Flat Free Castors

Small Castor WheelHeavy Duty Castor Wheel With BrakeCastor Wheels

What is a castor?

The term castor refers to components which are generally replaceable and which are attached to equipment, furniture, transport systems or similar products in order to make them mobile. Castors are passive components which are not usually directly driven. They move only at very low speed normally and are not used in continuous operation with the exception of heavy duty castors.

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