Wide Range of Wheels


wheels-large-selectionWe offer a wide range of wheel options to suit virtually every working requirement.

  • Black Polypropylene Wheels
  • White Polypropylene Wheels
  • Black Nylon Wheels
  • White Nylon Wheels
  • Grey Rubber Wheels
  • Blue Elastic Wheels
  • Rubber On Cast Iron Wheels
  • Urethane Wheels
  • Urethane on Cast Iron Wheels
  • Cast Iron Wheels
  • General Purpose Wheels
    • Rubber Tyre on Polypropylene Wheels
    • Black PVC Tyre Wheels
    • Rubber Tyre on Metal Rim Wheels
    • Rubber Tyre on Metal Rim Wheels
  • Tubeless Wheels - Flat Free 
  • Pneumatic Wheels

HISTORICAL NOTE:  The Origin and Development of the Wheel

The development of the wheel is mankind's most significant achievements. It has continued for over 5000 years and has taken place in stages rather than running continuously.

The starting point for the development of the wheel, which took place predominantly in Europe, Asia and the northern parts of Africa, was the human need for mobility and for the easing of work. The invention of the solid whee dates back to 4000 BC.

An important further development was the spoked wheel. This is lighter than a solid wheel and hence the load capacity is increased. In addition, it exhibits a certain degree of elasticity.

At first the only material used was wood. Later wooden wheels were fitted with iron tyres to make them more resistant to wear.

Nevertheless it was an enormous step forward when the cast wheel was introduced and manufactured on an industrial basis in 1899.

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